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Self Governance

Every community exists to solve a different problem, and they should be free to choose the best way to solve that problem.

This playbook contains advice and things you can reuse, but ultimately the decisions are up to you and your community.

Choosing a governing entity

There are a couple of likely options that your community may take to form it’s governing entity:

Where a community largely exists to enable interaction with Government, it’s likely that the governing entity will be an agency.

Where a community exists to enable a peer-to-peer exchange, the governing entity will likely be and industry body or self-elected group of representatives.

Responsibilities of the governing entity

Governance between communities

It is likely that your community will reuse and leverage work from others, and that’s a good thing.

On behalf of all communities, we run a change and release process for anything that is shared by more than one community.

You can read about our change and release process here