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Consulting with your community

Regardless of the governance method you’ve chosen, you need to take the rest of the communities opinions into account

Share your position

Once you have chosen a standpoint that you think suits what you need and will work for others, it’s time to share your perspectives.

Clearly describe what your preference is, and why you think it will work well for the community.

Find a way to share your thoughts with your community, and allow them to share theirs.

Email seems like a good way to this, but it probably isn’t. Try to do it face-to-face, virtually, or over a teleconference.

Listen to their opinions

It’s really important to remember that Government is only one half of the equation, and the opinions of others are also very important.

There is no point in choosing an option that works well for you, but is prohibitively expensive or difficult for others.

Data exchange takes two, after all.

Decide together

Once your community has had time to think about your position, and been given the opportunity to share theirs, it’s time to choose the option that works the best for everyone.

Read our guide on making a decision here.

It’s likely that not everyone in your community will be able to support a single option, but it’s important to make things work for as many people as possible.